At ASi, we aren’t satisfied unless you are. That’s why we offer so many services to help you take your people – and your business – to the next level, for unsurpassed efficiency, productivity and success.

Administrative Solutions, Inc. (ASi), is a highly regarded Third Party Administrator (TPA) specializing in group benefits and related services since June 2001.

ASi has positioned itself to be an all-inclusive TPA for employers of all sizes and is innovative in providing solutions to employee benefit plans.

ASi offers services for Insurance Billing and Capitation Programs, Medical Expense Reimbursement Plans (MERP), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA), Self-Funded Dental and Vision Plans, COBRA Administration and Section 125 Plans, including Premium Only Plans and Flexible Spending Arrangements (FSA).

ASi prides itself on outstanding customer service and its success at implementing administrative strategies to meet the growing demand of employers’ rising health care costs.

What has been most advantageous to our vast client base is ASi’s ability to maintain benefits, reduce costs and create significant savings through innovative approaches to the employers’ health benefits.


Medical Expense Reimbursement Plans

MERPs, or Section 105 Plans, are intended to provide medical benefits to employees on a tax-free basis and are tax deductible to the employer. Click to read more…


ASi administers COBRA benefits for employer groups who prefer to outsource the administrative duties to an administrator that can handle the day-to-day functions required under COBRA. Click to read more…

Health Reimbursement Arrangements

HRAs are intended to encourage the efficient use of employer-provided health care by fixing employer contributions at a certain projected cost level rather than promising a specific benefit regardless of cost. Click to read more…

Self-Funded Dental & Vision Plans

Self-funded dental and vision plans are intended to provide dental and vision benefits for employees on a tax-free basis and on a tax deductible basis for the employer. Click to read more…

Section 125 Flexible Benefits Plans

An employee can reduce their taxable income and avoid paying Social Security and Medicare Tax (5.65%) and Federal Income Tax (15% to 40%) by enrolling in a company-sponsored Flexible Benefits Plan. Click to read more…

San Francisco HRA

Administrative Solutions has developed HRA plans which provide health benefits to employees, satisfies the San Francisco Health Care Safety Ordinance and minimizes the financial impact on employers. Click to read more…